Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A New Badass LOST Idea For DISNEY

Not a lot of people know this, but Walt Disney World down in Orlando, FL has a lot of the land that they own. How much, you ask? Well, coming from a very valuable source, it is said that Disney World is only taking up a total of 1/3 of the land that they own. ONE THIRD! Just think of how big Disney World is already! You do the math!

Now, it is also rumored that since Disney now owns the rights to Marvel Comics, they will be making a Marvel Park. It will probably look a lot like the comic book world in Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure, but it will have a lot more money put into it, so it will look a lot bigger and better and more badass!

But, even with the new Marvel Park, they will still have a lot of land that will not be used. I think that it is a damn shame! So I am going to pose an idea.

LOST was one of the greatest T.V. phenomenons of all time. The show only lasted 6 seasons, and it left a whole shit load of questions for all the avid followers. It was definitely my favorite show.

Since the ending of LOST, I have been constantly looking for the show that will reach the same magnitude, but to no avail. The only show that comes even close to it is Once Upon A Time. Of course, the reason for why this show is so amazing is because it was written by the same people who wrote LOST.

I figure, with all of the questions and emptiness that LOST created, something should be done to fill that whole. Here is my suggestion:

ABC owns the rights to the show LOST, right? Who owns ABC? That's right, folks! DISNEY!

Like a lot of entertainment companies, ABC is controlled (for lack of a better term) by the Disney corporation. So, through the transitive property, LOST is owned by Disney. Since Disney owns LOST, my idea might be to make a whole park dedicated to the popular T.V. show LOST.

In the multitude of land that is owned by Disney in Orlando, part of that land is has lakes. My idea is to recreate 2 camps: the camp that was created by the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, and the Dharma Initiative camp. You can make a few different rides, or puzzles that the guests had to solve. There is also means for making a lot of money through merchandise. Who knows? if at all possible, you could even create a whole man-made island...

I don't know. I think maybe I just miss the show too much. I just think that it is a perfect idea to make some extra money. If it's not possible to create a whole island, then they should definitely create a section in Hollywood Studios or something. SOMETHING!

Let me know what you think. Disney, if you get a hold of this blog, you should take my advice. You don't need to pay me. I'll know that you took my idea. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

10 of the Best Bad Movies

There are several movies that you all love to watch, even though they are actually terrible! Some would call them guilty pleasures. Hipsters will actually try to justify how great the movie actually is just to be different from everyone else. Why can't you just accept that the movies are actually just terrible movies?

Anyways, I have created a list of my top 10 favorite worst movies of all time. As Bud Light likes to say, "HERE WE GO!":



10.) RAMBO

Tell me what your favorite bad movies are!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

R.I.P. Maurice Sendak (1928-2012)

Today, at the age of 83, Maurice Sendak, author of many great children's stories, passed away due to complications from a recent stroke. Sendak, most popularly known for his children's classic Where The Wild Things Are, was widely known as one of the most influential children's authors and illustrators of all time. He took the picture books out of the safe, sanitized world and took it into the dark, terrifying, and hauntingly beautiful recesses of the human psyche.

When I was younger, my father used to read Where The Wild Things Are to my brothers and I. He used to make the noises of all the monsters. When they would say, "I'LL EAT YOU UP," he would get up and act it out. It was almost as if we didn't even need to see the pictures, because we already had it in our heads. This book will always be one of my favorite children's stories of all time.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Sendak. Your memory will always live on those pages.

Wasted Youth

The other day, as I was watching one of my favorite movies Jurassic Park, I came to a sudden realization. Other than the fact that Newman shut all of the power off, which allowed the dinosaurs to wander through the whole park, and was pretty much the reason for all the deaths in the movie, I couldn't help but notice that there was another way to avoid all of the deaths. If that FUCKING GIRL DIDN'T TURN ON THE FUCKING FLASHLIGHT, THAT T-REX WOULD HAVE WALKED RIGHT BY THEIR TRUCKS AND THEY WOULD HAVE ALL BEEN MUCH SAFER!!!!!

I can't be the only person who has ever thought this! I mean, what the fuck was she doing? Did she not realize that whatever was going across the road was the same thing that ate her precious fucking goat? Did she want to get all of her money's worth out of her tour around the park, money that she didn't fucking pay? I mean, what the fuck is her problem? All she had to do was ask her stupid little brother if she could borrow those goggles, and she would have seen what was out there!

This is not the only movie that does this. This is a problem that a lot of blockbuster films have in common. They always have to throw a fucking kid or two into the mix. What ends up happening is that the kids always SUCK!!!! They are always a pain in the ass, or they are little smart asses who think they are so funny with their little lines. 

Another perfect example of this is in the movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The movie is a pretty awesome movie, but the worst part about it is the kid who plays young John Connor. He is just a stupid punk kid who thinks that his little one liner jokes are so funny. By the end of the movie, you just want to punch him in the fucking face!

There are other examples as well. All of these movies have kids that are extremely annoying: 

On the other side of the argument, there are movies that have kids in them that are not annoying. For example:

I don't know what the deal is over there in Hollywood, but there is a way to make a good movie without making the kids suck! Some of you have the formula, but some of you obviously just don't get it. Maybe I should go over to Hollywood and give them a piece of my mind! hahahaha

Tell me you all agree!

Friday, May 4, 2012

A Matter of Physics

So, yet again, I have another problem.

When I watch movies, especially comedies, I have always had a certain problem, and the problem usually has to do with physics.

Has anyone ever gotten mad over the fact that whenever a movie wants a funny scene in an action comedy, they always have the protagonist have to fight a little person? The scene usually always goes like this:

The protagonist usually sees this little person, laughs because he thinks that fighting a little person is going to be easy, and in some feet of miraculous strength, the little person always seems to kick the good guy's ass.

Usually, when this scene happens, everyone seems to laugh. For me, I always get enraged.

IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE TO ME! There is no possible way that even the strongest little person can kick the crap out of any tall person. Tall people have a much stronger base, and would never lose to a little person. Call me a realist, but I get angry at certain little things like that.

What would be funnier to me would be if a movie had a scene that had the same set up. The protagonist walks into a room, knowing that this room had a person or thing that he or she needs to fight. When all of a sudden, There is a giant shadow covering the room. As the person or thing enters the room, the protagonist suddenly realizes that it is a little person. He starts to laugh because he thinks that he could easily beat him. The little person gets enraged and runs up to attack the protagonist. Then, much to the surprise of everyone, the bigger protagonist just absolutely kicks the living shit out of the little person and kills him or her; no contest.

Wouldn't that be hilarious?

I think that there should be one movie that comes out with this type of scene, even if I have to write it myself.

Just a suggestion :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Top 10 Favorite SPORTS Films of All Time

So, I was sitting on my ass and watching T.V., wondering what I could possibly post about next. Then I saw that ABC Family was playing Remember The Titans, and I realized what I should post about. Everyone who knows me knows that not only am I an actor, but I am also a huge sports fan. So it's only logical that I am a really big fan of sports movies.

Here is my list of the top 10 best sports movies that I have seen:


Rocky is the story of a leg breaker and underground boxer from Philadelphia who is picked by the World Heavyweight Champion boxer Apollo Creed to challenge him for the heavyweight crown. This is a chance for Rocky to prove to his friends, the world, and himself that he is somebody. Much to Apollo's surprise, Rocky went toe-to-toe with the heavyweight champion and went the distance.


Rudy tells the true story of how a man named Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger who defied the odds and lived out his dream to play for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Everyone told him his whole life that he was never going to amount to anything, but after his friend dies in a freak explosion, Rudy decides he is going to pursue his dream of getting on the Notre Dame football team. It is a story about fighting against the odds to achieve your dreams and about never giving up through adversity.


Remember the Titans tells the true story about a High School football team in Virginia who becomes the first high school football team in the area to have a multiracial team. New head coach, Coach Boone, who is African American, through adversity and a lot of hard work within the team and the community, he is able to bring his team to win the state championship.


Miracle is the true story of the "Miracle on Ice" USA hockey team who was able to take down the dominant Soviet Union hockey team in the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. Everyone knows the story of this team and their miraculous victory over the Soviets, and Kurt Russell is able to play head coach Herb Brooks flawlessly.


Friday Night Lights is based off the best-selling book about the true story of the Permian Panthers, the best high school football team in the state of Texas. The movie is about the rise and fall of that great team, and the tragedies of being a high school star and having all of that fame taken away from you because of one injury.


This movie is AWESOME! I don't care how juvenile this makes me sound, but Space Jam is a piece of movie genius. I don't need to explain this movie, because everyone should know what this film is about already. If you haven't seen this movie, you need to! What else is better than Looney Tunes and Michael Jordan?


The Natural is a movie about an old time baseball player, Roy Hobbs, who was shot out of jealousy before he even becomes a star. When he gives it another shot many years later, he becomes a star on a terrible professional team. It is well acted by Robert Redford as the lead.


The Program is a movie that shows what the life of college football is all about. It is about the pressures of popularity in the football world, and about how if you are good enough, you don't have to worry about going to class in college, because you will be in the NFL soon enough. It teaches a good lesson about college sports and the price of fame.


Angels in the Outfield is a movie about a foster child who only wants to be with his father again, and his father says that the only way that they will be together is if the Angels win the pennant. The Angels are the worst team in Major League Baseball. So, the boy prays to God for the Angels to win. He had no idea that God would intervene this much, when he actually sends Angels down to help the California Angels win the pennant. I have loved this movie since I was a kid.


Ya. This movie needs no explanation. It's just hilarious!

Let me know what you think, either by facebook, twitter, or google+ (yes, i have a google+).