Friday, June 29, 2012

The Ultimate Drinking Games For The Movie Buffs Out There

So, I don't know about you, but sometimes, when I am watching a movie that I have seen multiple times, especially with other people, I often like to drink while I am watching them. Since the intention is for me to get completely obliterated, I like to create a set of rules while watching. A lot of people do this, actually. It is a great way to pass the time.

While I was sitting and watching Independence Day one night, I thought to myself, "You know, I should just create a list of rules for several movies, that way I know exactly what the rules are for each movie, and I don't have to keep trying to think of new rules. I can just use these rules every time." Then I thought to myself, "You know, I should blog about this. That way, whoever wants to play can use my rules. Who knows, maybe we will be watching the same movie at the same time and play the game together." Wouldn't that be cool? I am so thoughtful!

Anyways, I am going to list a bunch of movies and also list the corresponding rules to go with those movies. Here they are:


  • Every time there is an explosion
  • Every time Jeff Goldblum or his father says something very Jewish
  • Every time Robert Loggia says something that you can't understand
  • During the huge explosion, you must chug

  • Every time Quint says Chief or Chiefy
  • Every time Hooper says something that makes him sound like a huge pussy
  • Every time you see the shark
  • Every time the shark eats someone

  • Every time he says Stupid is as Stupid does
  • Every time he mentions something that his mamma always said
  • Every time he interacts with history

  • Every time there is a slam dunk during the movie (trust me, there is a metric shit ton)
  • Every time something cartoony happens to a human being

  • Every time Rocky starts talking about something that confuses everyone around him
  • Every knockdown during the final fight
  • During the entirety of his final jog before the big fight, you must chug

  • Every explosion
  • Every time Kirk Lazarus (Downey Jr.) says something that refers to him being black
  • Every time Les Grossman (Cruise) insults someone

  • Every explosion
  • Every time you see the monster
  • Every time Hud (the camera guy) tries hitting on Marlena (the girl from Mean Girls)

  • Every time Liam Neeson completely owns someone with his very specific set of skills
  • Every time you see a drugged up hooker
  • Every time you see a bad guy smile

  • Every time Mrs. Ward says your brotha Dicky
  • Every time you see Christian Bale do crack
  • Every time Micky Ward throws and lands a punch

  • Every time someone or something is attacked by another one or thing
  • Every time Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) says something douchy
  • Every time Doctor Hammond (Richard Attenborough) says I guarantee it! or Spared no expense!

  • Every time Batman says something you can't understand because it is so raspy (up to your disgression)
  • Every time The Joker is mentioned by someone other than himself

  • Every time someone gets whacked (except for Sonny)
  • Whenever someone speaks Italian (except for when they are in Italy)
  • During the entirety of Sonny's death, you chug

  • Whenever the Terminator (Arnold) speaks
  • Whenever there is an explosion
  • Every time they mention John Connor

  • Every time they speak elf
  • Whenever Froddo mentions the ring
  • Whenever Gandalf has to use his magic

  • Whenever someone mentions the force
  • Whenever there is a light saber battle
  • Every time there is an explosion

  • Whenever anyone is drinking, you must drink with them

  • Whenever Bill Murray talks about the gopher
  • Every time you see someone swing a golf club
  • During the duration of the explosions at the end of the movie, you must chug until the ball goes in

  • Any time someone mentions the word rat
  • Every time you see blood

  • Every time Bill Murray is sarcastic or insulting
  • Whenever you see a ghost
  • When they cross the streams, drink the rest of your drink

  • Every time Westley says As You Wish
  • Every time Inigo Montoya says his famous quote
  • Every time there is a sword fight

  • Every time Will Smith says he has to fix the problem
  • Every time Will Smith does something from his daily routine
  • Every time you hear a Bob Marley song

  • Every time you see something ridiculous that Dr. Manhattan does
  • Every time you can't understand what Rorschach says
  • Every ass whooping
  • During the entirety of Rorschach's prison break, you chug

  • Every time you see an Martian's head explode
  • Every time there is a scene change and Jack Nicholson is in both scenes, but plays a different character
  • For every famous place that gets destroyed (you know, out of remembrance)

  • Every time they smoke weed
  • Every time James Franco or Seth Rogan says something that doesn't make any sense

  • Every time Shia Labeouf says something that makes him sound like a huge pussy
  • Every explosion
  • Every time anyone says AUTOBOTS or DECEPTICONS

  • Any time anyone mentions the name Marcellus Wallace
  • Every time Samuel L. Jackson starts screaming
  • Every time they play a song that doesn't actually fit with the movie

  • Any time someone mentions the word Nazi
  • Any time someone speaks in another language that is not their own
  • During the entire end scene, chug
  • Every time a nazi dies

  • Any time you hear the N word
  • Whenever they make a "modern" reference
  • Whenever you hear a song
These are only a few that I have come up with. I will be adding more as I think of them. If you have any movies with rules, please feel free to post them on this blog, and then I will add them to the blog itself, and even give you all the credit!!!


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