Monday, June 10, 2013



I would just like to mention that not only is this the 50th blog post, which has been around since August of 2011, but that Stealin' The Spotlight with The Real Mike Barry has just eclipsed the 10,000 page view milestone! 

This tells me that people not only like what I am writing about, but also that they want me to write more! So, my goal now is to reach the 25,000 page view mark by the end of this summer. If my blog can reach that milestone by the end of this summer, then I will give you all a big round of applause and a figurative pat on the back (because I do not have any money to be giving out prizes and things. I'm only an actor, for pete's sake).

Keep reading, and I'll keep writing! If you have an idea of any sort that you would like me to write about this summer, or any time, then please email me at, or post a comment on THIS blog. Just as a bit of advice, if you haven't figured it out by now, I like to post about movies; just FYI.

Thank you to all of my dedicated readers out there that have been reading my blogs since the beginning. I do this for fun, and you guys make it fun to do. So, thank you!


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