Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Top 5 Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now!

So, being (sort of) a recent college graduate, the real world has given me a lot of spare time. In that spare time, I have taken up a (sort of) hobby. I am currently following about 5 different T.V. shows. I was following about 10 at one point, but a lot of them were pilot shows, so they have stopped until next season.

I thought that since a good number of people are reading my blog, I would try to give not only insight on what kind of T.V. that I watch, but also some advice on some great television. So, here are the top 5 T.V. shows that you should be watching:


This show is probably the best new show on television. It comes from the genius writers of Lost, one of the best and most thrilling shows in television history (in my opinion). When I first saw previews for this show, I actually thought that it was going to be really cheesy and stupid. In actuality, this show is pretty incredible.


Who would've thought a television show about zombies would be so great? Already on it's second season, it has grown quite a big cult following. The show is based off of a graphic novel written by Robert Kirkman, and a very thrilling and creepy show! I highly recommend this show!


I like to think of this show as kind of like Glee, only for intelligent, intellectual people. This is a show that shows all the drama, excitement, nervousness, and heartbreak of trying to be an actor on Broadway. This is a very entertaining new show, with a star-studded cast. It also features a lot of surprising cameos.


Already on it's 3rd season, this show is probably the funniest show on T.V. In case you aren't already watching this show, It is the closest thing to Seinfeld than any other show, and we all know that's a great compliment. I think this clip from episode #1 pretty much sums it up.


I know that this show is currently not T.V. right now, but I am positive that it will come back for a 2nd season. This show is such a friggen badass show. It is like a steam punk version of the old west, but not as stupid as Will Smith's Wild, Wild West. I think this show is going to become a phenomenon.

I think that you should all watch these shows, because in my opinion, they are the best. Let me know what you think!